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RELEASE DATE: 03/14/06
midnight madness
sinned (Lyrics)
okinawa (Lyrics)
maneater (Lyrics)
man on ether
drowned clichés (Lyrics)
the four horsemen (Lyrics)
alice in wonderland (Lyrics)
the fallen
redhat (Lyrics)
11. allein (Lyrics)
12. tides (Lyrics)
13. bullshit stockings
la ultima hora: book I:seed
chapter I: genesis (Lyrics)
chapter II: like blurry glass(Lyrics)
16. chapter III: blood for existence(Lyrics)
17. absinthe upgrade



sinned (Back to Top)

Betet zu Gott
Denn es ist an der Zeit
Dass er euch
Von euren Sünden befreit
Nichts treibt voll Tränen
Nichts könnt ihr sehen
Durch der Maschinen Zeit
Könnt ihr noch bestehen

Es wird Zeit
Wir gehen fort
Wie kann das sein
An einem sterbenden Ort

Kalte Schauer
Das Verführen
Tränenwogen dich berühren
Lenzt krank einen warmen Ort
Seelen spalten sich hinfort
Diese Nacht wird ewig sein

Betet zu Gott
Denn es ist an der Zeit
Dass sie euch
Von eurem Leben befreit
Nichts wird sich ändern
Was auch geschieht
Dies ist das Ende
Das dieses Elend euch entzieht


okinawa (Back to Top)

Listen to the sound in my head
It´s going – bang bang- listen- bang bang
I´ve got nothing more to say
I´ve got a- bad liver- and a – broken heart

For sure it´s gonna be ok some day
So you are everyone’s darling today
There´s this ugly green fairy in my head
Shouting let´s make a point today

As you said that you would leave
I died 1000 deaths

Here it is our last night together
We´re hunting high against the low
And the time I thought we can stay forever
You said you had to go

i´m thinking about the things she said
it went – blabla – rapping – bla to bla
and all the things that I could have said
like – dare I say – go away

everything reminds me of this breakup scene
thinking about all the things that could have been
maybe she stayed for just one more day
it doesn´t matter now – she went away


maneater (Back to Top)

what about this crooked cross
of flash we built today
and what about the simple love
that I was supposed to give

I can´t care about all the screaming
See me smile but inside i´m bleeding

Maneater – soultaker

How about that everytime
After we´ve made love
My stomache turns
Like twisted around
By some force from above

Sex with you for sure is reliefing
The warmth you give is certainly misleading

Maneater – soultaker

(the voice comes again)
hey here little boy
there´s nothing you can do
the love of her
is entirely eating you

maneater – soultaker


drowned clichés (Back to Top)

We´re drowning in clichés
Thinking that the world looks bright
You made me go insane
When you told me that It was just a lie

forever – even on that day we´re lost
making up the sense of cost
making up the day i´m lost
you´ve made me coming down
baby come on down

you made me bleed for the last time
struggling through our day´s divorce
riding on that wicked horse
hate may only be
the projection of my inner fears

I watched you ever since that day
You made the demons go away
I wish to burn forever in despair
Even on the day of our love´s death
You had no time to hold your breath
I´d love to burn forever in this hell

Sex ruined everything

Forever – this was just a fucking lie
Waiting for a kiss goodbye
Waiting for a kiss goodbye
You´ve left me to die
Without a kiss goodbye

Maybe it´s better that way
We went to different ways
With nothing left to say
My hate may only be
My projection of my inner fears


the four horsemen (Back to Top)

And when the lamb
Opened the first seal
I saw the first horse
The horseman held a bow

Now when the lamb
Opened the second seal
I saw the second horse
The horseman held a sword

The leading horse is white
The second horse is red
The third one is a black
The last one is a green

And when the lamb
Opened the third seal
I saw the third horse
The horseman had a balance

Now when the lamb
Opened the fourth seal
I saw the fourth horse
The horseman was the pest


alice in wonderland (Back to Top)

Alice is afraid of the dark
Especially when it´s sleeping time
Broken dreams a messy childhood
Lying naked on the floor
The pungent stench of steam no more
She only wishes to rip her ass in two

Alice grabs her keys as fast as she can
Waves bye to mum as she starts the van
Listens to that heavy sound
Turns up the volume cause she needs it loud
Down in the city as she enters the floor
Mad hat screams - get more
Finger on the trigger – targeted swine
Heroin dreams will do fine

Push it on
Dream comes clean
She takes it on
Vines fill slowly
The rabbit soup
Pumps it on
She´s doing fine
Bang bang

redhat (Back to Top)

It´s been a long time
Since I saw your face
Again you nearly slipped out of reach

The storm has calmed
But I see some clouds again
Thunderstorm is growing near

It would be
The ultimate sin
I´ve been touched by a dream
Kept warm in the safety of a womb
I want this to stay for forever

Your hair reflecting the twilight of the sun
Twinkling down between the clouds

I was so lost but echoes of your voice
Have reached me in purgatory

With our heads in the clouds
Life keeps on spinning
I´m turning around
Her face reversed the tomb


allein (Back to Top)

Du verlierst den halt
Kein anker liegt am grund der zeit
Und die farben tragen kalt
Stetig fliesst der strom in einsamkeit
Winde tragen fort
Was einst war ist nur noch Schein
Hier an einem anderen Ort
Wird nichts wie damals sein

Nichts kann das Schema entzweien
Niemand gewinnt durch bereuen
Nichts ist unmöglich zum Schein
Lasst mich allein sein

Wieder dringt ein neues Licht
An deine Augen will dir sagen
Wieder lockt ein neues Nichts
Wieder wirst du es nicht wagen
Und du fängst von Neuem an
So seltsam neu das Grauen liegt
Immer wieder in den Bann
Vergangener Tage der Gedanke

Kein Zuckerbrot gibt mir die Peitsche
Rote Striemen an der Seite
Das stetge Hassen bestimmt den Fluch
Ein fremder Körper ein rotes Tuch
Das stetge Hassen bestimmt den Fluch
Ein toter Körper das rote Tuch


tides (Back to Top)

See the tide is running out
She´s moving back home again
Reimagine the calm of white
How clouds could be

Maybe we should make this step down
Maybe it will get us up on a higher ground
Maybe we should rip out that issue
For our life support

Back here the city lights dimmed down
Everyone´s asleep again
In bed a sleeping child so nice
To be home again

They feel like worms
Crawling in a deadly space
Move out move out
Move out

Hush little baby don´t say a word
Papa´s gonna bomb you a brand new world

I will cease the cold
Bring thee death
Mark the point
Sleep now

Chapter I: genesis (Back to Top)

The world suffered much too long of war
Everywhere´s insanity people suffered to the core
In the outer range a place called kursay
Not touched by the troops of ruga´s reich
The lack of oil maybe was the reason
(this was the reason)

now an oracle spoke never questioned before
that a rose will grow in the middle of war

and the rose grew


Chapter II: blood for existence (Back to Top)

Here in ruga´s reich
No future is in sight
Was forced to join the troops
Troops of evil

So here we are
Morituri te salutant
The sirens howl
A mass confusion
Work is waiting for us to do

The lord we serve
Ruga´s his name
An irreal bastard
Everyone knows
But noone has the courage
To raise voice
Against him

“bring the kid – rose of kursay”

so we packed for war
the mission´s clear
a kid was born in the land of kursay
it´s like a sting in the warlords flesh
this kid might be the key
to a brighter world
be the chance to stop earth
turning further to the end

“bring the kid – rose of kursay”

“bring me the kid
or you better off dead
I want to see her body dead
For the welfare of our nation”

“bring me the kid
a crawling girl
the seer said it has to be done
her blood for our existence”


chapter III: like blurry glass (Back to Top)

Like blurry glass
Lies a little girl
in her mother´s arms
They have no clue
About the dark clouds
Hanging above their heads

Please trust me
Come with me
Or your girl will be killed
By the men of blood
Men of rage
Lady you both have to flee

Run run be sure to make no sound
Run run keep your heads down the ground
They came here to get your baby – dead
To kill your girl or theyend up with a hole in their heads

Hush hush don’t make a sound
Be quiet I’ll bring you out of this town
I don’t know why ruga fears your little girl
But I’m sure that she is the key to a better world

And so on that winters night
Three shadows are running out of their sight