Sadako have created their own little space in the whole cosmic of musical genres. An outstanding mixture of industrial metal, alternative, gothic and visual kei is the foundation of the musical landscapes they create.

The basic idea behind the whole concept of Sadako is to combine all the musical variations you can find in the long history of heavy music, spice that with some electronic sounds and so new colourful music is created.

With their new longplayer Sadako reached the next step in their developing career. The album was recorded December 2011/January 2012 at green fairy studios Gloggnitz, Austria and was mixed and mastered in March 2012 by Eike Freese (Dark Age, Gamma Ray, Callejon) at Hammer Studios Hamburg, Germany.

The new songs show a mature grown band which gathered experience after two self-released CD's "Bedtime Stories" 2005 and "Hikikomori" 2008 and a bunch of livegigs e.g. on their "tor[tour]" through
Austria in 2008/09 or festival gigs like Metalcamp Slovenia, Rocky Mountains Festival & Wake Up Festival.

The new songs are set to spread the unique "sadako-tunes"
across the globe.

stay tuned...