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RELEASE DATE: 12/28/07
devil's work
of butterflies... (Lyrics)
the blink of an eye ...(Lyrics)
hikikomori (Lyrics)
insects (Lyrics)
ikuko (Lyrics)
bigger the lie (Lyrics)
bodyworks (Lyrics)
scream genocide (Lyrics)
little itches(Lyrics)
la ultima hora: book II: failure:red
chapter I: new silent home (Lyrics)
chapter II: something's ...(Lyrics)
13. chapter III: the red eye ...(Lyrics)



of butterflies ... (Back to Top)

This is the first day of the rest of my live
Pick up the pieces cause i really have to make them mine

Get up now – move a little closer
Be sure that you make it right
Get up now - move a little closer
Make the biggest step now

You and me
A new crowned hope – so sick of misery
Can’t you see the time is moving closer

Drowning in my bed
Moved to close
Can’t you see
The time has come
The time has come now

No more frightenting as it’s right in my head
No more hypocrisy on the morning of a one night stand

Move the bottle – time to push it some more


The blink of an eye shows me you care (Back to Top)

What is the sense of all this crust
Around your suffering heart
You’re lost

You want the thrill
You want the kill
You want to rip it in two

This is the best part of the game
You want me to die oh what a shame

You want to f@*!
You gonna suck
But slipped into the end

My god
I did it
And i will do it again
I’ll never be what you want me to be
Or think what you want me to think
Your perfect little world
Was a lie lets face this

You’ve painted pictures of my world
They’re full of lies prepared to hurt

You gonna slip
You gonna rip
You gonna break in two

Just like the little stitches hurt
This machinery ain’t gonna work

You gonna cry
You gonna die
You gonna be the one who lied

My god
I did it
And i will do it again
I’ll never be what you want me to be
Or think what you want me to think
You built yourself a cage
And you just can’t break it down

Fucking liar
Now i gonna see
You wanna be
The one who broke it in two
Make up the lies
A thousand cries
Ain’t worth a dime or two

My god
I did it
And i will do it again
I’ll never be what you want me to be
Or think what you want me to think
Your perfect little world
Was a lie – let’s face this

My god
I did it
And i will do it again
I’ll never be what you want me to be
Or think what you want me to think
You built yourself a cage
And you just can’t break it down


Hikikomori (Back to Top)

See i’ve lost again my dear
It’s getting supernatural in here
Another part of me has died
It’s pointless going out and i will
Keep the tune up in the sky
Another child prepares to cry
So listen to some severed notes
Of pointless disagree – scapegoats

They sense the sleeping time
My scope a struggling mind
Left life beside a working whore
And i won’t open the door
A certain fear of getting lost
Life’s a bitch – just smack the cost
They seek their fate just in their jobs
Beeing boiled as all day scrubs


insects (Back to Top)

One step it drives us further
Bright lights a flashing sound
And week for week we murder
Set right to hit the ground

We’re getting so corrupt now
We’re freaking and we’re goddamn cruel
- Like a dancing ballerina
- Dying swan the fool
Sometimes it feels
Like a fake smile it’s the answer to our dreams
Freight trains to nowhere
They set a blazing sound
Massive buildings shining lights in the night
It frightens me


Ikuko (Back to Top)

This is the best part
i said to them
then she went away and left me
alone here dead
drowned in some self pity state
she went away, went away

can you imagine
all the fools you’ve lost in me
they will go – you kicked me in the ass i’ve lost it
keep on crawling in
this pity state
you’re love’s dead

i think i’m downing
annihilated my love to you

you think it’s hard for me
that i’m not able to handle this game
send away the tide
too sick to keep it all inside

this feelings inside
i think they’re complicated
‚cause when this feelings just lied
We both separated

Once i sung about beating horses dead
They just faded and kicked it into my head
Beating dead horses
Won’t rescue me
Now i see

You won’t all just heal it
I can’t all just feel it
You can’t cry i’m screaming
I’m drowning in this pool of feelings


Bigger the lie (Back to Top)

Maybe i should stay
In this state of disharmony
Maybe i should accept the pain
Been thrown over me

Look me in the eyes
I’m sick of all your lies
Do you really think that i behave like a
Feather in the sky?

Is that what you wanted exactly from me
For so many times
Breaking the lines baby
Maybe we’re closer whatever that means
You bring on that lies
Breaking that lines baby

So you’re asking me to stay
To never go away
How should i accept this lie
My world breaks down on me

Kept alive what’s long time dead
Won’t get out of my head
How could i accept this shame
When you said that it’s ok

It’s getting further
And time won’t stop
It’s getting further
This love has stopped

Maybe i should stay
In this fucked up harmony
Maybe i should accept the shame
Been thrown over me

Look me in the eyes
I’m sick of all the lies
This love has made me behave
Like a bullet in the sky

Bodyworks (Back to Top)

Body’s moving coming close
A shiny gloomy pity grows
It’s time to move i try to flee
A complete darkness there is nothing left to see
She left me lying naked in this bed
And i’m struggling with this anger in my head

I’ve been betrayed
For several times
As her body moves
I loose my mind
I swear this time i won‘ t be that shy
But I’m too deranged to say good-bye

Bodies tangled bound thight close
A massive shining lightning shows
So hard i tried to move away
The lack of warmth it felt so grey
Alone i lie – i got so much to say


Scream genocide (Back to Top)

Everything moves in slow motion
When you’re not here

A poisoned apple gave to heal
A broken promise approved as seal
All that we’ve done we cannot hide
Floating heights – a crying bride

For every single heart you break
For every heart’s a broken wave
I never was the one inside
- The little secrets that you hide
- Samara
As you said it’s a- okay
An fatal error crossed my way
Beholding stormclouds in my mind
Dead birds screamed genocide


little itches (Back to Top)

Yeah come on baby
Set spies on that sound
We made it up
Let us sink towards ground
Facing tiny monsters
Stop the constant alarms
Keep it pumping
Let’s pretend we’re unarmed

I can’t wait to see you bleed
We’re coming back for the need

Beating - feasting – fighting
Can’t stop the move now
- 5 – 6 – 7 – 8 9 10 GO
Where ist the mind
It’s up to thyne
- We’re doing evil and we do it fine –
For every breath
Is worth that crime
- We’re doing evil and we do it fine –
I can’t wait to feel you deepen the grind
Spiralling on to find that way

Yeah little soldiers
Burn the waste out (of) your mouth
Again the weakness
Lets us sink toward south
The little itches
Come crawling up your back
And they’re just waiting for another attack

Part I – new silent home (Back to Top)

30 day’s passed they‘re still on their way
They hadn’t stopped just for one day
Roses mother got too weak
There was no chance for her to defeat
So jul had turned the only one
Rose had in this world her mother was gone

I will behold
You’re save
You will grow

I’m sorry
That I can’t
Guide you on your way

Six years they we’re on the run
It looked like her fate lied in the arms oft he deserted son
A place called naz nehal geve them a home
So came that roses seed was sown

Part II something’s glowing in the night (Back to Top)

The sense of our time is enlightened
The memories lost – we made it ‚til here
The meant to be far away
Like everything glows – i’m wide awake

Somethings glowing in the night
Just like the morning has died
And never comes again
Saw people crying on our way

I wold love if i could stay
But i’m not able to part way’s
This would end the hope i started up
When i took rose out of his sight

I know they’re coming back for her
I saw the blood ran everywhere
It looked like everything turned red
An the littel time we had

Here in naz nehal
The pyramids wicked call
Rose has made the biggest change
She’s not that feeble pale

She grown a mature now
And every free hour
I teached her all i could
So she has a chance to fight
agains rugas might


partIII_the red eye found it's destination (Back to Top)

have you ever
wanted to hurt yourself so bad
just to feel alive

steps resound over the valley of naz nehal
people suspect the threat came over all
their silent sleepy homes unfolding the doom
no sleep tonight to busy to hide a feeble sounding gloom

i heard their lies
throught sterile eyes
this bastard minx
keeps moving on
sensitized thoughout the viles
you’ve got to bring her here alive

have you
ever wanted to hurt yourself so bad
just to feel alive
they graded up truth
- I heard their lies through sterile eyes
Face the truth we loose
- You’ve got to bring her here alive
Rose and jul accelerate their steps
To flee from pain their live resets
No live she had just on the run
The sigul oft he setting sun
For a while they could hide again
But silence hey will never regain