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RELEASE DATE: 13/06/21
the difference between you and me is I'm not bleeding (Lyrics)
yamamba (Lyrics)
apes, pigs and big black holes (Lyrics)
save home for zombies (Lyrics)
what's up cthulhu? (Lyrics)
damage done (Lyrics)
dude, where's the fucking reset button? (Lyrics)
commemoration (Lyrics)
a requiem for lost dreams (Lyrics)
envy (Lyrics)
happy networking, asshole (Lyrics)
...full of shit (Lyrics)
13. monster eats pilot (Lyrics)




the difference between you and me is i'm not bleeding (Back to Top)

move your asses to reality
the door is unlocked
but we still search the key
dancing in the sunset
at the edge of the world
i'm screaming out my lungs
but the song is left unheared

you thought that it's ok
you thought that it's alright
i saw this pity coming
saw this sure decline
blindfold is your game
you'd wished it stays the same
but no hope will be left
after this feeble game

the difference between you and me
is i'm not bleeding this is heresy
lack of respect for our divinity
we're moving closer to the end as we lost dignity

step down

once upon a time
ignorance was bliss
but then you started this crime
things will never be the same

yamamba (Back to Top)

red hair, freckles, dressed two sizes too tight
no doubt about it she's the devils kind
hiding in the twilight of the modern world
once she has perceived you, your heart will be hurled

oh, she's a witch
and then i can't hold to explode
all senses cause an heavy overload

oh, she was rolling a dice
unleashed a beast inside
forces you to live in vice

pale skin - black heat
forced to love the obsolete
white smoke of feminity
cheerful lust of alacrity
looked into her eyes
felt some kind a tranquillized
thousand needles piercing black
the witch set ready for attack

with undying thirst she walks the earth
she's eating you for her rebirth
she loves to watch you die in freezing snow
wherever she passes she leaves woe

sometimes - i wonder how it feels to live inside
sometimes - i really wish to burn within her arms


apes, pigs and big black holes (Back to Top)

there's an ape inside my head
telling me to stop this nonsense
everytime i see your face
my inner self screams - stop it

what would have been
if i would have seen
that my love for you was true
of the time that we spent
i threw diamonds in shit

i'm sorry bout
how things turned out in this summer
everytime i see your face
my inner self screams stop it

there's a big black hole
sucking me into it's darkness
of every failure that i made
i think thats the one which broke it


save home for zombies (Back to Top)

turn off your dreaming your part of the machine
this time you drove a little further than seen
this time you drove a little further than planned
each day this feeling grows - a lack of respect

anyway everyday seems as dark as the other
seeing you break another chance to start
anyway everyday seems as dark as the other
seeing you break another chance for this

save home for zombies

you took a part of the loving just everyday
no need to wonder what has happened to be
everyday was walking to hell and back
i saw it coming so you better think twice


whats up, cthulhu? (Back to Top)

there is someone in my house
i can hear the breathing
a short sound an the lights turned out
now fear is seething

i took a breath the looked around
again a frightening sound
a gasp right near my ear
took me to the ground

lost life's conrol
it comes breathing - comes breathing

crying without a sound
thrown to the ground

then i saw him standing there
blood was everywhere
the moon reflected in his eyes
staggered with fear

with certain death in my sight
i began to run away
as fast as i possibly could
flee from the slaying

a hooded man forced me to stay
unable to move around
i felt like human clay
now i was death bound

poor coward you're stealing my time
come now give me what is mine - a thrilling ride
you're soul now is mine
i'll drink it like wine - no resting in peace

this were the last moments of his live
a sole reflection of his bitter demise
no dying wish no matter how hard he tried
to turn the situation they could no longer bide


damage done(Back to Top)

yeah it's been a long long time
and still we're here and we're doing fine
yeah watch the space explode
we have awoken from that sleeping mode
no one ever gave us more than two years
now the seventh will give you snears

and it goes on
bring the beat back

with our heads in the clouds
just keep on dreaming
in our breeding ground
damage done
my head is spinning
and life goes on

yeah nothings the same and so
we were searching for a better flow
yeah sick of all the messin'
once made click and now who's guessin'
it's the new sounds to go out
still it's all fun acting like a lout

dude, where's the fucking reset button? (Back to Top)

keep it growing to keep the goals you've set in sight
you won't appreciate the bitterness I kept inside

it's an foul taste of freedom with yourself controlled

catched scenes of the rumors in middle east today
brother against brother and they call it normality
but a feeble sense of hate will foce you to do that move
scream bloody murder - murder

i see the lies
a slow demise
with blinded eyes

it's a burden no one was willing to assume
accept the distortion of a world lying in gloom
give me a reason why we should struggle without ignite
a resistance it's time to fight for our rights!

give me a reason for our two-faced personalities
looks like we're victims of our own times democracy

but you can't have nothing without selling your soul

read stories about financial crisis in the world today
public is beeing choked by banks in lunacy
but a feeble sense of hate will force you to do that move
scream bloody murder - murder

we cannot stop the machinery
hundreds of steps between you and me
pushing envelopes of our own destiny
we move too slow


commemoration (Back to Top)

one cold winter night my mother told me that she passes away
overwhelmed by feelings the world was broken down

i want to say thank you
for all the years you were there for me
i know how blessed i was
to grow up with the loving way you guided me

i found myself on the burial ground pleading on my knees
it's so surreal to imagine that i will never see you again

wasn't able to say all the things i wanted you to know before you went away
like how i loved the way you treated things, and dealt to keep us together as a family

a requiem for lost dreams (Back to Top)

today i'm gonna write a song in my head
should be played when i'm dead
about the thoughts i had
about how life should be
for the times we spent
it's burning in my head
and i thought it's gettin worse
who are you to tell them
that it never gonna works

wake up sad eyes
seeing nothing as it was supposed to be
in my dreams
and what i did to me
was nothing but a hopeless try
called life

when i cut the slice
i thought it would be nice
to play dead in my own private hell
so i sacrificed
just to start a fight
packed the ropes real thight
dimmed all the lights
i was used to start this fight
there are no more feelings
just the thought to end my life

i did what you want me to
although you rejected me
gave me the shivers
but no i don't care

envy (Back to Top)

the day has come
and still i'm sitting here
alone with my head between my feet
a sordid examination of my panic inhabitation
i went through a lot
but this is the worst of all the suffering
the time is a scheme
and i'm in between
this penalty's obscene

i took it for granted
my head spins in envy
thinking about it again
i made wrong decisions
distracted my sympathy
drown in reproaches again

the day's still here
and with me my growing fear
is burning the inside of me
communication is an simplification
"i cross that bridge when it comes to it"
a mocking of conformity
he time is a scheme
and i'm in between
this penalty's obscene

happy networking, asshole (Back to Top)

i request your friendship
because your tits seem quite alright
no need to bother i just want to rest
between your tights tonight
there's no such thing as
hypocrites just want us to believe
you want it too so don't hesitate to
answer me!

come on take the chance to be
a chance to flee from misery
fake friends are the way to define your
satisfaction you're a media whore

these times seem quite bizarre
no matter what or who you are
the things you search come equally
but is it real
you life for this fake life
your a citizen of this robot hive
the things you search are equally
is this destiny?

have you already heard of my new cool band
give us a like this would be really grand
we just can't play but lucky us we know how to promote
ourselves in the new media goat

it's epidemic
it's a disease
we're on a journey
these day's to seize

even if you're stuffed with gold, you can't deny you're full of shit (Back to Top)

a new taste coming
set the sun in the sky
body's moving
and you wanna know why
driven by a feeling you can't explain
get on moving
nothings the same
gold is the receipt to get the party revel
move on up to a higher level

blessed with the taste of an golden kiss
you long for this feeling you just can't miss
a taste of gold a taste divine
you set the tone they stand in line
you've been waiting for so long
bottles open - your minds a song
a taste of gold a taste divine
you set the tone they stand in line

a taste of gold

monster eats pilot (Back to Top)

this is the hell
i prefered to choose
she casts a spell
worship the noose
a tamed countless mass
of grinning faces
we're hiding in spaces
behind transcending smoke
again there are these faces
a fire begins to stoke
bygone drug
got fixed today
and the worlds a better place to be
the wolf turns sheperd
and i release the mist
there is a fluttering blackbird
tells me she found bliss