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backup democracy (Back to Top)

a decent life
ignores the signs
this bastard son
keeps moving on

see the lies
through sterile eyes
we have to backup this shit right now

have you ever wanted
to hurt yourself so bad
just to feel alive

they graded up truth
(desensitize throgh sterile eyes)
face the truth you loose
(we have to backup right now)

we cannot stop the machinery
hundreds of steps between you and me
pushing envelopes of our own destiny
we move too slow

give me a reason for our
two faced personality
we backed up the victims of our
own times democracy
took your childrens future
for the value of liberality


ordog (Back to Top)

catched scenes today
about you running away
time went fast
you couldn’t hide from the past

this walls built as your cage
can’t hide from all the raging
sober blast of annihilation
will spread above all nations
maybe you can get through the shotgun blast
but a feeble sense of hate will make it last

take it or leave it
I’m not gonna be the one

who forces you to do that move
to do that move you do

catched scenes again
bout everyone’s in vein
sincere to be the last
poor shit from the past

there’s no way of breaking rules
for sure it covered the fools
like a lull in conversation
scornful blink of sensation
maybe you can smack the sharp of knives
time to find that pilancy of life

I – systemized hate
to sleep I’m tired I’m peaceful
bring out the dead

playing dead (Back to Top)

isn't it a wonder
that we made it 'til today
everybody's thinking
about suicidal way's

what made him put the gun (right)
againsst his head at age 16
does anybody care of
except for me staring at the pain

does everybody move on
has he felt just like a slave
does everybody move on
like livin back there in little caves

everybody's moving
no time to breathe this breath away
does everybody (got the) bubbles
except for me listening to the pain

i lost my life's control
condemn me
for playing dead - we're playing dead

playing dead - a life to keep
let flow the streams of bitter sweet
the red of veins opened a door
of all the love i loved before

redhat (Back to Top)

It´s been a long time
Since I saw your face
Again you nearly slipped out of reach

The storm has calmed
But I see some clouds again
Thunderstorm is growing near

It would be
The ultimate sin
I´ve been touched by a dream
Kept warm in the safety of a womb
I want this to stay for forever

Your hair reflecting the twilight of the sun
Twinkling down between the clouds

I was so lost but echoes of your voice
Have reached me in purgatory

With our heads in the clouds
Life keeps on spinning
I´m turning around
Her face reversed the tomb


reset (Back to Top)

shut up you c@'ts
this is my generation
talking bout some shit
to avoid lieberation
sucked the last drop
of communication
step with it and go down

this stupid shit
you call reformation
is only good for
your rehabilitation
the only thing you care of
is how to make us vote


the bootlicker (Back to Top)

keep it growing to keep the goals you've set in sight
you won't appreciate the bitterness i kept inside
it's like a cup of piss you tasted drank all out
and still it drops - yeah still it drops

(it's the) manifestation of a new brighter light
your fingernails growing towards the inside
step down on this motherfucking ride
step down step down

keep your hands tight
to stand that fight
keep your hands tight
to stand that live

she makes me want to pass the lines of self esteem
just waiting for the right time
why does she trust in me
knowing exactly about this urge in me
this urge in me

she's moving in
how sweet the booty swings
my life is deranged
don't keep the tune a lowered ground

if it's loose loose
you think you can win it

heads explode
can't take it
no more

tides (Back to Top)

See the tide is running out
She´s moving back home again
Reimagine the calm of white
How clouds could be

Maybe we should make this step down
Maybe it will get us up on a higher ground
Maybe we should rip out that issue
For our life support

Back here the city lights dimmed down
Everyone´s asleep again
In bed a sleeping child so nice
To be home again

They feel like worms
Crawling in a deadly space
Move out move out
Move out

Hush little baby don´t say a word
Papa´s gonna bomb you a brand new world

I will cease the cold
Bring thee death
Mark the point
Sleep now